We are so confident in the design and quality of our cases that we provide a no-quibble lifetime guarantee on all our injection moulded cases.  If you manage to break it then we will replace it free of charge!

The only part of our cases which cannot be legally ‘guaranteed’ is the rubber O-Ring seal, as rubber O-Rings will degrade over time with excessive or extreme use.  This is why at Panzer Cases we guarantee to provide you with replacement O-Ring seals completely free of charge, just contact our customer service team for assistance.

How quickly the O-Ring seal degrades depends entirely on the level of use your case gets, whether your case is subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures, if the seal is subjected to extreme pressure or suffers chemical damage.  For full details of what to look for in O-Ring degradation please see here.

For the legal disclaimer relating to our guarantee, please see here.